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May 20, 2014

The treasure hunt

I see vintage advertisements as an art piece. In the old times, advertisements were done manually, with hands, ink, and paper. So that is why i highly appreciate them. The ads tend to be full with illustrations & words which makes it more upfront and explicit. That is why it's always fun to pay attention to a single old ad. It's just like reading out of a story book. The other extra factor that grabbed my heart is that "happiness" and "funny" feeling they try to channel through the illustrations.The characters were always illustrated in a happy gesture, as if it pictures how they felt with the brand.

I do remember my dad getting home bringing some framed old ads. I couldn't remember where he got it because it was a pretty long time ago. From that moment, i realized that a piece of ad was highly appreciated and turns out to be a form of everlasting art. 
Ads these days tend to turn 180 degrees, where the great ads are actually the simple implicit ones. While the highly animated colorful ads with taglines that kinda sounds like "hungry? eat me!" or "use me to be pretty" ends up to be just an ad. I don't think i'll have the idea to hang them up on my walls. 
But the digital advertising era tend to also wow me. I guess it's more challenging to control technology rather than controlling your own hands. I was highly grateful that i have been "investing" some technology skills (read: photoshop skills) way before it hit me, realizing me that this skill will somehow become handy.
I try to upgrade them by learning more, from some of the experts. The more i learn, the more challenging it gets.
Nowadays, people were made to "think more". It is clearly seen in how great ads were made. The simpler and the more implicit an ad gets, the greater it is. And that drives people to think more. The complexity of an ad is not formed in its visualization anymore, but in its un-visualizedd message (that we have to figure out ourselves) and the whole process of creating the ad itself. So it's just like a treasure hunt game!

 Esprit turtle neck top // Martiga floral shorts // Dnc Hologram shoes // Hens Necklace // Vintage hat // Vintage bag

Speaking of treasure hunt, this whole old books setting reminds me of a library scene in the National Treasure movie! I really fascinate super old architectures and interiors, just like old library buildings.The dull colors combination of the books are just so... genuine. The victorian era inspired carves, the cracking sound of old wooden floor, the smell and texture of old lusty books, and the silence that deepens our minds into the books.
I don't know why i adore the atmosphere and objects of old eras so much. Perhaps because it was so different than all of these modern technologies i "eat" everyday that makes it very peculiar. That's it, peculiar.

February 09, 2014

The Intern, in Training

 The top was a mash up of 2 items, a polka short handed shirt and an asymmetrical shirt from Petite ID! The combination created a fresh formal look and will do good if you're going to face your first days as an intern. The asymmetrical back detail on the shirt saved it from looking too formal, while on the other hand didn't look so clumsy. Then it's a good thing to add some colors into this nude look, so i added a shocking pink skirt right above the knees. I guess i wanted to adapt an old school look so i didn't forget my socks and mini sling pouch!

 U see, i really love how Gogirl! always gave away bonuses that can actually be used for daily activities. The ideas of the bonuses itself also always hook up with today's IT items that makes it such a must have item, like this month's bonus, the Intern sweater! Jakarta's been having this continuously rain and the weather itself always stays cool, so the sweater will come in handy.
Btw, i'm going to launch a small project soon, and if you love the mini sling pouch & diamond necklace i'm wearing, be sure to stay tuned next week for the surprise ;)

 Petite_ID polka shirt & asymmetrical top // Gogirl! Intern Sweater // Danse mini sling pouch & diamond necklace (coming soon) // Legal & Crime skirt // Bonclassy shoes

July 16, 2013

The oriental smells

It's always nice to have a very fresh atmosphere, especially for this whole Ramadhan month while fasting :)

But sometimes these aromas have a whole different meaning... There're some that somehow makes us feel like falling in love all over again. Having a new favorite, a new favorite fragrance. 
U know, these new Izzi fragrance variations are my newest "crush". The smell is fresh, modern, yet everlasting which is great for my daily activities in this fasting month! Not to mention its expressive packaging that i couldn't resist ><

Magically, the aroma flashes us back to those moments... some lovely ones. Pretty cheesy, but beautiful.I guess these things are perfect for youngsters & teenagers that are starting to feel these sprinkle dusts of love :p Also to those that have a modern, open minded, opened, and experience taker characters. Like u, perhaps?

Leony Evelyn peplum top // ANATA necklace // unbranded capri trousers // Melissa shoes // Romwe glasses

And wait look! The Izzi Fragrance comes in 3 variations!
"Love at first sight" ,"Electrify Me!" and " Secret Love"! 
Which one suits u best? ;)

Get IZZI Get Love

June 10, 2013

Duo Bonds

In days like this, days where u spend most of the time at home, it's a good thing to keep a good relationship with... ur sister

So we were really enjoying these new novel book we just got. Well as u can see that it's all about fashion and also stories of dream catchers, in the meaning of people going for their dreams. I'm probably fed up with some school books that i've been "holdin on" for the past entire time, so it's a good thing to just let my mind relax and serve it with books full of imagination. The story is very lightening and has a very adventurous plot, u can actually feel the Paris atmosphere by just reading it, because it explains very detail about the whole surroundings also with its French words. But i'm not going to spill it out all here because it'll be waaay better if u read it on ur own! U can these books over at PT. Bentang Pustaka to start an imaginary adventure :)

The patterns & colors on these twinny tops are very rich! Glad these top from Main Street Store came by, to give more variations to my closet. To be honest, to me, no matter how simple the cuts and design of an apparel is, as long as it has the creativity of using patterns&colors, the result will be an ultra hit! So 1 for Sabrina, and 1 for moi!

 Sabrina: Main Street Store top // Unbranded peterpan inner & beanie
Me: Main Street Store top // Loushki collared inner // Picnic harem pants // Unbranded hat&necklace

May 29, 2013

Wat wat wat

I've actually been searching for small handbags and finally found the perfect one over at Cicero Bags! It's called the Lauren Two-Tone Blue :o Then i wanted to have something different so chose the one in coral blue. I'm a bit addicted with Coral Blues since this one day... so there's this one time when i wanted to pray at a mosque, then i wore this coral blue veil (mukena) that they provided there. And i just looove how it looks... So the combination of coral blue and beige for this bag is a mega hit! Supaaah love it! <3>

 Another sneak peek here :p
And i probably can say that raglan sweaters are the best! I have the one in mint&grey from Picnic, now i have another one in pink&grey from ZLZ! This one also has this collar accent which well yes makes it complete. Perhaps i should be collecting other colors, yes?

 ZLZ raglan sweater // Sheinside watercolor dress // Anata (coming soon) statement necklace // Ciciero Bags Lauren Two-Tone Blue // Romwe glasses // Unbranded shoes

Btw, i have this awesomeeeee news i wanna share!! But perhaps in my next posts hihi so do wait! ;)

May 16, 2013

It's Blue with a Ray at the end

This blue-ish effect thing makes it look more... scientific, eh?

 Have u got out ur spring/summer clothes already?? well u should! cos spring is here!

Sheinside patchwork denim top // Vintage sunflower skirt // NasiGorengKeju ethnic belt // Anata (coming soon) necklace // Candyfeet docmarcs

April 22, 2013

How gemstones could be so... controvert

 How about if i offer u with gazillions of Sapphire gem stones?

Well i still have this "issue" with Sapphire Gem Stones... Here's how it started. While i was doing my Geography national exam, a question pretty much like this came out: Where is the exact location of Sapphire Gem Stones found in Indonesia. To be honest, i have no idea. I've studied the whole Geography book and learned where coals, petroleum oil, nickel, tin, gold, copper, diamonds, natural gas, etc are spread out in Indonesia, but NONE i've read about Sapphire Gem Stones... At school, course, extra classes at school, national exam exercises, nor books have discussed about this thing. Not even close to it... I've still wished that it would be more like where we can find copper which is in Papua, or Tin in Bangka Belitung, or coals in Jambi... But thank god that was the only question that got my nerves up. I've fought with my maximum ability and my hardest work, also accompanied  with nonstop prayers, so i believe that what ever the result is, that's what's best for me. U know, i was thinking to share my personal side of view about this year's national exam which went on not as scheduled ( knowing how the government handled it), but i'm just going to wait until the High School's national exam is over (which is still held now).

 But despite that Sapphire in geography, i loved the ones printed on the skirt! I really enjoy graphic prints on clothes, it shows much creativity, and also proves that graphic designing and fashion can collide in a perfect way :)

Tailored leather top // Sheinside graphic skirt // Zara leather jacket & neon necklace // ShoeFettish boots // Romwe sunnies

April 20, 2013

Shall shine the most

Some things just want to shine on it's own...

I've remembered a quote that pretty much said that, ones who aim for success are ones who shines the most. It's like this, ever known 2 people who goes to the same school perhaps from Junior High - Senior High - also the same college with the same majoring? 1 of them stayed normal, but the other one made success. How come? well the other one refused to stay "normal" and refused to "go with the flow", he couraged his self to go out of his comfort zone, and ambushed all the challenges. Among others, he shines. In the meaning, he's different. It's not always easy being different at the beginning, but well u should know that aiming success is never easy. If u choose to stay steady and blend with others, so how are people suppose to see ur ability? And while going through life, i always hold on to this philosophy. U gotta be "weird" sometimes.

And this look i've assembled describes that philosophy pretty well. I've gathered up a monochrome look, combination of white, beige, and a bit black. But i've purposely paired it with neon colored necklace and collar. So what first caught ur eyes from the first time u saw this look? The accessories in neon, right? Yes, exactly, just like the philosophy. It "shines".
Despite that, i've always loved a touch of brightness in a calm look. It just gives a freshening vibe :)
I know, navajo patterns are pretty mainstream these days, but i suppose if i create a different look (compared to what people usually pair navajo patterns with nowdays) to it makes it not so mainstream, yes? And actually, the big pattern in the center is gold colored, and i like it! It gives a more elegant touch.

Sheinside navajo sweater // Handmade tutu skirt // Unbranded orange collar & socks // Zara neon necklace // Shoecorner tassel wedges

Btw, have u spotted something different in my blog? YESSSS!! I've made some changes to it! I actually wanted to change the template but had some troubles with it. So for this time, i guess this should do just well. 
I wanted to constantly make DIY's, Photoshop Tutorials, and share my artworks at least once a week (if not possible, every 1,5 weeks perhaps...), so on the left section there i've put a logo of my current DIYs, tutorials, and artworks. So each time i've made a new post about it, u'll see it on the left section bar. And i'll also share my self made "quotes", based on experiences and personal side of view :)
So hope u enjoy this this new "look"