Wat wat wat

I've actually been searching for small handbags and finally found the perfect one over at Cicero Bags! It's called the Lauren Two-Tone Blue :o Then i wanted to have something different so chose the one in coral blue. I'm a bit addicted with Coral Blues since this one day... so there's this one time when i wanted to pray at a mosque, then i wore this coral blue veil (mukena) that they provided there. And i just looove how it looks... So the combination of coral blue and beige for this bag is a mega hit! Supaaah love it! <3>

 Another sneak peek here :p
And i probably can say that raglan sweaters are the best! I have the one in mint&grey from Picnic, now i have another one in pink&grey from ZLZ! This one also has this collar accent which well yes makes it complete. Perhaps i should be collecting other colors, yes?

 ZLZ raglan sweater // Sheinside watercolor dress // Anata (coming soon) statement necklace // Ciciero Bags Lauren Two-Tone Blue // Romwe glasses // Unbranded shoes

Btw, i have this awesomeeeee news i wanna share!! But perhaps in my next posts hihi so do wait! ;)

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Hippiegonemad said...

super cute sabbbb and i miss you and bloggers yardsaleee


Lulut Marganingtyas said...

mau necklace imut2 nyaaaa >_<


Miss K said...

i'm sorry for being a creep.. i adore your blog! and how well u edit your pictures!!! ♡♡♡