It's a Perryvek, eh?

Look what i've just got! Yes! Another customized watch! wohooooooo! Everything customized never fails to impress

 This cool thing came from Artyvek ! Arty what? Lemme tell you just a bit about Artyvek. Artyvek is an art-and-tyvek based business that develops the usage of tyvek creatively as the base material of all our products. The material itself is a type of fancy paper made out of polyethylene fiber that is waterproof and tear-proof, not to mention that it can be easily drawn on. I just have to enlarge the word "can be easily drawn on" , major coolnessss :o

 I choose to use more colors and shapes this time. it really is F-U-N :D
When they say easily, they really do mean it! you can draw on it with anything! the best part is, it's waterproof! So now, you can design ur own watch in a fun way :) Do visit Artyvek now!

By the waaaaay how many of you attended my sister's Katy Perry's concert this Thursday?? Well i...... didn't. But apparently there was this amazing site that puts away a bit of my sadness by letting me see her live performances and made me feel like "i was there". thank you So let's do a marathon!!!

7 feedbacks:

Mita Adindayu said...

wow that's really cool! say hi to Artyvek :)

Rini Hastuti said...

that watch looks so cute. hello artyvekkkk :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Adore your watch! =) How I envy those who watch Katy Perry today! x

Jessica Paramartha said...

love your watch so much dear, so cool!
envy to all of the people who are watch Katy Perry today T.T


Putche said...

that's a cool watch. i just love customized stuffs.


Maya Novita Sari said...

where I can get it?

live love laugh said...

I love katy. wonderful blog ;)