Multiway Outwears

 LACEORIE outwear worn as blouse , P.I.C.K ruffle skirt , customized ropes & tassels worn as belt

Here's what u can do, put on the outwear backwards then add some safety pins on the back. Voila now it's a blouse!  I'm playing as a bit feminism pinky girl, the floral pastel pinkish patterns works perfectly with my ruffled pink candy-colored skirt. Try mixing soft colors and bright colors together!  to make the look funner, i added colorful accessories! they are actually ropes worn as belts :o
I guess i've been falling for ropes and tassels lately, so a couple of days ago i went to this kinddof accessories shop then bought multi color ropes and tassels. and guess what?? they're so fun to play with! they can be used as belts, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and many more.

ZARA leather jacket, LACEORIE outwear as inner layer , GAP washed shorts, dad's T-shirt

Here's what u can do, wear the patterned outwear under any kind of pale blazers or jackets. Patterns always know how to stand out! so make ur simple rocking chic look a bit more playful by adding patterned layerings

Fash.On bodycon dress, LACEORIE outwear worn as skirt , customized accessories worn as belt

Here's what u can do, spread out the outwear widely then put it around ur waist, and not to forget to attach some safety pins. easy peasy lemon peasy , eh? I guess this skirt totally saved my whole look from being too simple. just imagine myself wearing the bodycon dress all by itself. it will just turn out....randomly boring. So this skirt successfully upgraded my look to the next level! and let's take a careful look at the belt... wait, those are the ropes again! see i told u it was useful :D and those rounded beads is actually a necklace... but worn as a belt! well the necklace can be adjusted easily so it can go very very wide and fit my waist. Wearing belts as belts is getting boring. try wearing ropes and adjustable necklaces as belts instead! :D

And guess what?? U can get this cute floral patterned outwear over at LACEORIE and have some fun playing with it just like i did :D goodluck!

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Jessica Paramartha said...

wow you totally creative! love the second look dear :)

cheers, Jessica

rimatambunan said...

so creative!

Gladista Galuh Iriandari said...

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prepare to be DART-ed! ;)

btari nadine said...

you're so creative! i love your style, awesome blog. i think i would never think of wearing that one item for multiple functions. you rock!

xox, nadine

mutianugrabita said...

Yay it's all based on the creativity of a person. And you did it all great :D

Sarah Rizqi said...

Cute! You're so creative!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Creative! You did a great job =) X


Putche said...

haha, nice! This is really creative!



AN3 said...

Sooooo creative! i love the first look one ;)


Julian Tanoto said...

love it ! <3 creative !:)

Journal J

Fenny said...


Desirae said...

So cute! I especially love the pink skirt!