HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Time runs by fast...very fast! this is creepy O.O

topshop lace tube, monday-to-sunday pink jegging, jeffrey campbell t-bar heels, unbranded accessories

2011 was memorable, let the sweet ones remain in our heart and the bad ones become a lesson. i am not that typical kind of person who writes resolutions each year,i guess not yet. i want each day to be a surprise. but i guess i will need to write some resolutions to get this year's goals and plans run smoothly.
Dear 2012,
please come and be as sweet as 2011. surprise me each day!
Please don't suck!

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btari nadine said...

happy new year!!
cool necklace, they reminded me of gypsy. 2011 passed so fast, i could barely remember what happened, heheh.

wanna visit my blog sometime?

uchie suci utami apsari said...

happy new your
and you look great:)

Fenny said...

Happy new year sweet :)

Inggrid Dosi said...

happy new year "sissy" : p

Sarah Rizqi said...

your shoes look so cute :)
happy new year, dear!


Ivy Sie said...

Nice outfit! Love the heels :D
Happy new year :) xx

Jessica Paramartha said...

you look so lovely dear! happy new year may you have a better future :) <3

have a nice day
xoxo, Jessica

celliasaragih said...