January 29, 2012

All the fringe

P.I.C.K tank & indian skirt , Miss Selfridge Navajo bag, unbranded accessories

Don't ever think to be in someone else's position because their life seems to be perfect. No one's are. So try to be thankful for what u have. God has it's own plans for u :)

January 28, 2012

Multiway Outwears

 LACEORIE outwear worn as blouse , P.I.C.K ruffle skirt , customized ropes & tassels worn as belt

Here's what u can do, put on the outwear backwards then add some safety pins on the back. Voila now it's a blouse!  I'm playing as a bit feminism pinky girl, the floral pastel pinkish patterns works perfectly with my ruffled pink candy-colored skirt. Try mixing soft colors and bright colors together!  to make the look funner, i added colorful accessories! they are actually ropes worn as belts :o
I guess i've been falling for ropes and tassels lately, so a couple of days ago i went to this kinddof accessories shop then bought multi color ropes and tassels. and guess what?? they're so fun to play with! they can be used as belts, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and many more.

ZARA leather jacket, LACEORIE outwear as inner layer , GAP washed shorts, dad's T-shirt

Here's what u can do, wear the patterned outwear under any kind of pale blazers or jackets. Patterns always know how to stand out! so make ur simple rocking chic look a bit more playful by adding patterned layerings

Fash.On bodycon dress, LACEORIE outwear worn as skirt , customized accessories worn as belt

Here's what u can do, spread out the outwear widely then put it around ur waist, and not to forget to attach some safety pins. easy peasy lemon peasy , eh? I guess this skirt totally saved my whole look from being too simple. just imagine myself wearing the bodycon dress all by itself. it will just turn out....randomly boring. So this skirt successfully upgraded my look to the next level! and let's take a careful look at the belt... wait, those are the ropes again! see i told u it was useful :D and those rounded beads is actually a necklace... but worn as a belt! well the necklace can be adjusted easily so it can go very very wide and fit my waist. Wearing belts as belts is getting boring. try wearing ropes and adjustable necklaces as belts instead! :D

And guess what?? U can get this cute floral patterned outwear over at LACEORIE and have some fun playing with it just like i did :D goodluck!

January 22, 2012

home-made projects!

 These are currently my newest project :) what is it?? ummm i like to call it home-made cards and 100% made with my own bare hands! :D wanna know more about these? do wait on early February! pssst there will be 3 special valentine cards :p
Which one do u like best? do tell me!

January 19, 2012

It's a Perryvek, eh?

Look what i've just got! Yes! Another customized watch! wohooooooo! Everything customized never fails to impress

 This cool thing came from Artyvek ! Arty what? Lemme tell you just a bit about Artyvek. Artyvek is an art-and-tyvek based business that develops the usage of tyvek creatively as the base material of all our products. The material itself is a type of fancy paper made out of polyethylene fiber that is waterproof and tear-proof, not to mention that it can be easily drawn on. I just have to enlarge the word "can be easily drawn on" , major coolnessss :o

 I choose to use more colors and shapes this time. it really is F-U-N :D
When they say easily, they really do mean it! you can draw on it with anything! the best part is, it's waterproof! So now, you can design ur own watch in a fun way :) Do visit Artyvek now!

By the waaaaay how many of you attended my sister's Katy Perry's concert this Thursday?? Well i...... didn't. But apparently there was this amazing site that puts away a bit of my sadness by letting me see her live performances and made me feel like "i was there". thank you to...........................................youtube. So let's do a marathon!!!

January 17, 2012

Limey lime

GAP Sweater - ZARA lime collar , Mooze floral shorts

Starting to feel how "hectic" school is getting. So much things had to be done before it is due and lalalalala~
BTW , does any of u have any request for Photoshop Tutorials ? I'd be happy to share :D
goodnight :)

January 15, 2012

Photoshop Tutorial!

Yeayyy another Tutorial! Well firstly i was very amazed seeing the feedback from my latest photoshop watercolor tutorial. It was great seeing u all to actually try making and following the steps, and not to forget the amazing results! So this time i'm going to show how to make :



Step 1
 Start by opening a blank layer 

Step 2
          Then open all of the pictures  that u are going to use. This time, I will be using 2 floral pattern backgrounds.

Step 3
             Now, use the “ Horizontal Type  Tool” (or by simply typing “T”) to write down the words on the blank layer.  (I am in fact a “harry potter movies” fan ^^)

Step 4
Make sure that the text color is black

Step 5
        Now, I want to change the color of the background. Pay attention to the layers box on the bottom right. Make sure that the layer is on “background” (as seen on the picture above). 

Step 6
         Click on the “Paint Bucket Tool” ( or by simply typing “G”) then set the color by click on the “Set Foreground Color” (on the bottom left).  Choose the color you want then click “OK

Step 7
        Use the “Move Tool” ( or by simply typing “V”) and drag ur picture layer to the text layer

Step 8
 It will look like this

Step 9
         Now pay close attention to the layer box, make sure that ur “picture layer “ is on top of the text words. Then click on the small arrow on top of Opacity (look at red circle).

Step 10
           Then choose “Create Clipping Mask”. Or if you think that it’s confusing u, u can make a shortcut by typing “ Alt +Ctrl + G

Step 11
YEAY U’VE MADE IT!! (here, I changed the color of the word “NO GOOD” to white)

Step 12
        Overall, YOUR DONE. U can stop here. But I wanna do a bit more on this picture to make it look better.

 So,  I dragged my other floral pattern layer to the text layer (as seen on the pict. above). Then do over step  9-10 (or u can just type “Alt + Ctrl + G”)

Step 13
            Now this is what makes it different. For the 3rd time, look over to the layers box on  the right. Then click the “Opacity”. Feel free to arrange the opacity level. This time, I set it to 69%

Step 14
There u go! U see the difference?

Step 15
           The last touch up! Click on the “Text Layer” (look at the red circle) at the Layers Box. Then click ur right mouse and choose “Blending Options

Step 16
    Click on “Stroke” then freely change the color and size. After that, click OK.

Step 17

Step 18
    Lastly, I’m going to use the “Crop Tool” (or by simply typing “C”)  to crop it a bit

Step 19