Tutorial: Graphic Scrap

I've still remembered that a lot of u have been asking me how to make these kind of Graphic Scrap that i usually like to use for my blog photos since a long time ago. And now, i'm granting ur wish!
Its a looong way to go. Enjoy these 26 steps! :p

 Make sure u have thought the concept of the Graphic Scrap u are about to make. And u also have to know that are the pictures u’re going to need. Browse through google and save the pictures u need. But ONLY take free pictures, which means make sure that the picture is NOT licensed or belongs to an illustrator. If it is, u have to ask for permission first to the illustrator.

 Open your photo that u want to edit
Make a new layer (File--> New) (Untitled-1) that is the same size as ur photo
 Use the “Polygonal Lasso Tool” (L) to cut out ur photo

 Drag the cutout photo using  the “Move Tool” (M) to the empty layer. Let’s call this layer “Untitled-1”, Now set it aside for a while

    Then, open the Background Photos and a New Layer (let’s call it layer “Untitled-2 “) with the same size as the background (adjust the size). This layer will be ur working layer
This time, I want to collide 2 backgrounds.  But if u only want to use 1, it’s also ok

 Drag both backgrounds to the New Layer

Now pay attention to the layer box on the right side. Make sure that the toppest background is set to “Linear Light” and Opacity to 49%

STEP 7  
Now, bring back layer “Untitled-1” (the cutout form of ur photo).   
Then pay attention to the layer box on the right. Right click on Layer 1 --> Blending Options

Choose “Stroke” (make sure u clicked the word Stroke),  change the size into 8px, and the color into white --> OK

Then drag the photo (using “Move Tool”) to layer “Untitled-2” (the one with the combined background)

STEP 10  
 Now, I want to make a mirror effect. So go back to layer “Untitled-1” --> Image --> Rotate Canvas --> Flip Canvas Horizontal

Now it’s flipped! Then drag it also to layer “Untitled-2”

This part Is a bit tricky. I am going to make a neon shadow effect to it.
So go back (again) to layer “Untitled-1”. Pay attention to the layer box on the right. Then right click --> Solid Color --> (choose the color) --> OK

 STEP 13
Then click on the down arrow (it’s very small, on top of “opacity”) --> Create Clipping Mask. Or by simply typing “Alt+Ctrl+G”

Now we got  the shadow! But u have to Delete the background layer in order to drag it to layer Untitled-2.  Once u’ve deleted it, type “Ctrl+Shift+E”. Then drag it to layer “Untitled-2”

U see, it is placed on top of ur picture, but we have to make it below. So pay attention to the layer box on the right, Drag “Layer 5” below “Layer 4”. Now it is positioned below

 STEP 16
Go back to layer “Untitled-1”, then rotate the canvas Horizontally. Drag it to layer “Untitled-2”
Place it (Layer 6) below “Layer 3”

 STEP 17
Ok so u might want to clear the space a bit so it will be easier for u to work
Now, click File --> Open , then choose all the pictures u want to use to make ur scrapbook. This time, I will only use 5

 STEP 18
Let’s start with the sunflower. Use the “Magic Wand Tool” (W) to cut it out, click on the white background. Then Select --> Inverse , or “Shft+Ctrl+I”
Here’s a little note. It will be much easier for u if u choose pictures with clean background, so u can just directly use the Magic Wand Tool. But if the picture doesn’t have a clean background, u have to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool and cut it out one by one.

Then use the “Move Tool” to drag it to layer “Untitled-2”. Place it wherever u want to

Repeat step 18 & 19 to all the other pictures

So now I want to make the text, but before that, it would be better to make the box first
Click the “Rectangle Tool” (U), then shape it on layer “Untitled-2”, adjust the color.

Pay attention on the layer box on the right, change the Opacity (of Shape 1) to 84%

Let’s rotate it a bit! Type “Ctrl+T” --> rotate it --> Enter. Then place it wherever u like

 STEP 24
Use the “Horizontal Type Tool” (T), type down the text.  If u want to rotate it, repeat step 23.

I still have 2 pictures that I haven’t dragged to the working layer yet. I am going to repeat step 18 & 19, then place this picture layer (layer 10) below Layer 6. Then change it to Linear Light

 STEP 26
 Now let’s make a watercolor effect! Once it is placed on layer “Untitled-2”, change it into Pin Light, Opacity 82%


I know it seems long and complicated, but if u've followed my photoshop tutorials from the very first time, i think u will already get used to it. I suggest u to do many photoshop practices. Because indeed, practice makes perfect :)

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