The Vibrant Juice

So it’s May, the flowers starts to bloom and the air somehow shows that freedom is here. Blooming flowers means beauty, exotic colors, magnificent prints, and most importantly, it’s all about the fun!  Well it’s summer, who doesn’t want to celebrate it? At least have the spirit within ourselves. I always hold on to this inspiring quote, “you are what you wear”. So one of the ways to celebrate this is well yes, from fashion indeed! Ever had that feeling when your outfit actually affects your mood? That makes you more spirited? Well that’s exactly what I mean!
Like cooking, there are some ingredients needed to create a great combination, and not to mention, the mixture has to be perfect. And in this matter, fashion is as same as that! 

The Vibrant Juice. What was the first thing that caught up in your mind when you hear the word “Juice”? Its freshness, yes? Well Summer spirit is all about the “Juice”; the freshness, freedom, happiness, and the fun! And that is what this whole style is all about. In this way, fashion is much more exciting. This playful combination urges u to go out and have some fun!
This time, there will be a slight mixture of shocking vibrant neons and a sweet touch of candy colors, inspired by the 60s color block.  It is what u call the true summer vibe! The colors are perfect for the hot sunny days, giving it a fresh yet exiting feeling.  You don’t want to be served with dark gloomy colors in the middle of this season right? Not bringing too many patterns in, because the colors somehow already took the lead, and to avoid looking “too over the top”. Because after all, it’s a good thing to keep things clean and simple for a summer day.

 This seriously bright combination; lime sweater & shocking pink parachute jacket are an attention seeker. But these two somehow are the main essential of the whole juice concept. It’s pretty rare to find a parachute jacket in shocking colors, especially like this one.  It’s actually a mixture of neon and candy color . And once there is, it’s a treasure to save. More about parachutes, it’s very flexible and is suitable for any season, considering its thin & slight fabric which is good for summer so it won’t let u heat up in them.  Since the color is outstanding and there is only 1 in a million chance to get the one like this, i’m going to let it be the “team leader” and be the spotlight.

So then the other main essential that gave the “juice” effect is this lime sweater. Well yes it’s a sweater. It’s actually a men’s sweater and there is only size L left… But then I thought of a way to still use it (considering its awesome color and would look great with the jacket) to actually transform it as a mini dress! It was a bit short though, so I paired it up with a black bodycon skirt to make it longer. There is actually a reason why I rolled up the sleeves. I tried rolling them down, but the only impression I got was it looks so stuffy and fuggy for a summer day. So rolling them up would eliminate that kind of impression. Also by sticking the lime color out at the sleeves, makes it more juicy-er than ever.
The belt created this bold stripe pattern, making more variations to this look. The ones that we can see in various S/S 2013 collections like Marc Jacobs, are mostly in B&W. But this time, I wanted it to have a connection with the main essential of this whole outfit, so got 1 in lime & black. Pretty rare, huh. To give some shape to the body, wearing it around all the clothes would be great.

So u can actually see more limes on the shoes and pretty much on the necklace! Loved how the shoes have this glittery effect that makes it just more exiting! I decided to choose this sandal shoes that are pretty relaxed and simple to avoid looking too “heavy”.
And accessories are the best closing! Ever hear a statement like “A t-shirt can look outstanding when being paired with the right chosen accessories”, and I’m trying to interpret that to this look, and ended up creating a collar accent and a statement necklace in many kinds of colors and beads. So I kindda wanted to cool things down, so I had this little collar accent in candy colored blue with pink stripes! So a little sweetness to a bunch of shockness is truly a savior. The stripes actually clicked with the stripes pattern on the belt, giving it more variations to the look. Speaking of variations, the statement necklace did a good job making that kind of impression. Little details do matter! Without these little details it will be good, but not great. And I do want things to be great.  
There are small things, but there are also big things like the bag. The orange neon color and its big size completed the look.
So I didn’t want to make it look too over the top with all the patterns. I wanted to keep things more simple and exciting, yet fun, by bringing out the colors instead.

All clothes from Mezzo Kuningan City 

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Dinia Insana said...

Love that shoes <3

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nadira arasya said...

love your outfit sssssssoooooooooooo much . :))

Novarinna Tan said...

Love the combination neon and pink, and you have a lovely shoes <3

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Anny Barros said...

pretty dress!

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