4 Indonesia: Dzahab Najwan for UI ArtWar 2014

Dzahab Najwan, interpreted as the Golden Glory, is the dance that we, Komunitas Tari FISIP UI Radha Sarisha performed for Universitas Indonesia ArtWar 2014 competition.
The dance itself was adapted from Melayu's traditional dances with the twist of an islamic touch, that represents the diversity of people.
The dance is far from stagnant moves & low music beats. In fact, it is very dynamic with music that has the power to move the soul. This 12 minute dance was like a movie with its own fluctuations; climax, anti-climax, etc parts.

The costume somehow could remind you of The Game of Thrones, does it? Well yes exclude the head accessories. But the gold, black, and silver combination did a big contribution to the dance, where it just made everything look so beautiful in a genuine and enchanting way.

 It was a competition, a competition amongst all the students of University of Indonesia.
Though, i wasn't pretty comfortable with the term of "war" used as the title. The concept of a competition deadens the value of art, objecting the subjective. It has always been a peculiar form of appreciation... Battling with each other in the name of art? Well... Since art is very (VERY) subjective, people will tend to seek for any form of rifts in the system.
But once you're in, you're in. We manage to transform this "war" concept into a powerful form of motivation & spirit. The stage then became a beautiful battle field.
It was precious & priceless enough to perform at our best, and getting much appreciation from the spectators. The gold, the avowals, were just a hint of bonus, of our pouring sweat of hard work.

And i guess it was our turn, to take the triumph.
With great gratitude, we were more than thankful to be appreciated as, 1st winner of the dance branch at UI Artwar 2014 :)

- Photos credits to Mukhfin-

So if you are curious about the dance, i do have a video of the original dance as a copyright of Komunitas Tari FISIP UI Radha Sarisha. But this one in the video was not the version that we performed for the competition, because it seems like we didn't have the competition video uploaded.
There were more modifications to the dance that we performed for the competition, while the one i am sharing in this video is the very original form of the dance that was performed in our cultural mission in USA. 
So here's a little glimpse of the dance! (CUT version)

 Beautifully choreographed by Jamilah Siregar
and composed by Imam Firmansyah