4 Indonesia: Indonesian Student Folklore Festival

Participated in the Indonesian Student Folklore Festival 2014, back in Mei at the Sapta Pesona, Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif building.
Yes this is a bit of a latecomer. I suppose, i forgot to post about this due to the hectic days back in the mid year. 
So this festival was held as a pre-showcase, and also a "goodbye" showcase from all the representative groups of Indonesia that will attend International folklore Festivals in many countries. My group, Komunitas Tari FISIP UI Radha Sarisha (that attended folklore festivals in USA, as i have previewed in my previous posts) was one of them, along with many other folklore groups from Indonesia, like the dance group from Paramadina University, Parahyangan University, Kultura Indonesia, and many others.
This festival was held 2 months before our departure to USA on July.

 A parade along the main streets of central Jakarta was held before the main showcase.
The dusty grey cement streets was transformed into a mix of beautiful colors, catchy rhythmic music beats, alluring dances, and happy faces  :)
A sight you don't get to see everyday.

-The Showcase-
My group brought 2 traditional dances & music, originated from the middle & east coast of Indonesia.
 The Gaba-Gaba dance, from Maluku.
This dance was adapted from a local game in Maluku, where Bamboos became a big part of it. It is more of a celebration dance and is danced to express happiness, along with its catchy lyrics (that can be easily sang along) and cheerful moves. As the dance gets to the end, is the part where we play with the bamboos! It is entertaining yet challenging, where our movements have to be in the exact beat of the bamboos & music, or else our feet might get hit by the bamboos! Overall, this dance regularly became people's favorite because of its tricky moves along with the bamboo in the end.

Kembeng Malate, from Madura.
Personally, this is my favorite dance. This dance shows the strong side of Indonesian women. A hard worker, independent, and fearless women. But being all those doesn't mean that women have to leave their own faith as a women. The strength is shown beautifully, from the alluring yet sure moves. It shows the high dignities of women, where quality becomes the major "selling" point, of a woman. I guess it's a form of woman emancipation, that is expressed through a dance, supported by the rhythms of a soul-moving music.

I guess the colors that we brought through our costumes represents Indonesia at its best, in a genuine yet enchanting way. Our nation's original color, red & white, are perfectly paired with a touch of gold & black, creating a seductive yet elegant appeal.

 Indonesia's future culture heirs :)

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