The Party Sequin

The first thing that glimpsed through my mind at the very moment i laid eyes on this piece was, glamorously fierce.
The geometric structure of the silver sequins was just so fierce in a very bold way. I thought i might as well have a chance to be in 1 of those gangster squads! But if this was a movie plot, it sure does have a very good twist in it. On 1 side, it has an alluring touch from the flower structured sequins, in sweet colors.
This piece is definitely party ready, without needing to pair it up with anything too appealing, because the piece itself could already brag all the attention you need.

 So i tried to make a look that was adapted from the character of the piece itself, alluringly fierce.
A flowy long skirt, in a sweet color would do the trick. I guess the gradiated pastel colors of the skirt calmed down the fierce vibe a bit, and made the look more enchanting. The colors itself was the key, that was adapted from the colors of the sequined flowers from the top. So the match didn't take a long jump, and was perfectly linked.
It also added a "fun" touch to the look, from its layered chiffon material. If you do a little circle loop, the skirt will enchantingly flow through the air, in a cute way.

A leather jacket never failed to create a bold look. So to complete the look, the leather jacket knocked it off pretty well. I didn't wear the leather jacket completely as a jacket, where you literally put on the sleeves. But i managed to wear it more as a cape around my shoulders, or as a "hanging accessory" instead. It was just something to complete the look and also a touch to reduce the "power" of the sequined top, that somehow is very "powerful" of taking all the attention. Because sometimes, you might not need that much attention.
Then i do suppose making a little knot to the sequined top would create a minimalist "sexy" touch, without making it look too sexy. Afterall, it is a party look! I didn't want it to look dead, so a little knot on the side would be perfect.

I did forget 1 final touch, accessories! Since the look is already fully packed, a little touch of accessories would do, just like a pair of silver diamond earrings! I did attempt to avoid statement necklaces, because it will make the top area look too heavy, as if you were choking.
As an additional, the diamond earrings could magically create an alluring appeal to your face!
Then a pair of black pumps are always the best getaway to complete any kind of look ;)

And so right now, i'm just about to get you all so jealous after i admit where i got this sequined top.
I magically found it in the mystery but heavenly place called, Pasar Senen :)
There you go. It was one of my best purchases so far!
The piece was actually handmade in India! So much win~
So who says that a cheap item couldn't look enchanting?

Vintage Senen sequined top / Forever21 pastel skirt / ZARA leather jacket & black pumps

Anyway, i managed to find a new home to some of my preloved items!
Sadly, I didn't have the time to give them the attention they needed (a.k.a use it), so i am seeking for people who are willing to adopt them!

If you do have the willing to adopt them and want to see more of it, do stop by at the instagram account of ReductionBox ! :)

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Elisabeth Natasha said...

Such a beautiful outfit kak ! :)
Flower or Crepe?