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May 31, 2014


Is fashion constructed? Is it authoritative?
Some general thoughts have popped up in my mind about this whole ongoing life.
As i see in this modern age, people tend to be very fashionable and the market flows very quickly, that’s great. But the thing is, why do they tend to be very alike? What form of “power” controls these trends? Who defines “good fashion”?
Well we know that fashion & style is a part of the concrete, tangible, complicated and symbolic process of forming the self, identity, and social relations of a person (this was generalized by the famous quote “you are what you wear”). But can it also be twisted around that fashion itself is also constructed by some “power” that has the ability to do so?
GAP top // Handmade batik skirt // Forever21 headpiece // Pull&Bear mini sling bag // Nine West pumps

I can somehow relate all of these self made questions to a communication theory called the symbolic interaction theory (i just love how all the things i’m learning in my major can be related to so many things in life). It is stated that social reality is constructed, where reality is a collective hunch. How does a person know if they’re funny or not? Sometimes you don’t know, sometimes you go through life suspecting you are but never really knowing for sure, or sometimes you know for sure because so many people telling so. If i replace the question with fashion, how do you know whether a fashion trend, collection, even style is good or not? Well, i generally conclude that the way you define it is a reflection by how others define it, you know for sure because so many people telling so, a collective hunch. So does this mean that there was never an objective line that defines good and bad fashion? And this was all socially constructed?

 If fashion was a “governance” will it be authoritative? Who runs it? I believe, the media. Internet is also the media, a form of new media. Powerful media controls the fashion cycle itself, the trends and those who define “good fashion”. From an assumption of media ecology, it is believed that media has the power to form our point of view about the world, it constructs our minds. So no wonder that people tend to “accept”, “agree” and “follow” the fashion contents in fashion magazines and other form of fashion medias. Have you ever wondered why a fashion statement could become so trendy but actually  there’s nothing special about it, but so many people somehow wears it, and probably you somehow starts to wear it too? Well that’s the power of media, and the power of a collective hunch. That is what drives the market and creates similarity in every store. In the end, the alternatives are not diverse. So unconsciously, our “freedom of choice” is limited by this phenomenon and our picks are driven by the trends.

Well i see this whole phenomena as something really cool though. That well, we have to admit that we fashion enthusiast are unconsciously being the "puppets" of media. Somehow this is natural, because 90% of human behaviors and actions are actually done unconsciously. So it's just as same as being humans :)

May 20, 2014

The treasure hunt

I see vintage advertisements as an art piece. In the old times, advertisements were done manually, with hands, ink, and paper. So that is why i highly appreciate them. The ads tend to be full with illustrations & words which makes it more upfront and explicit. That is why it's always fun to pay attention to a single old ad. It's just like reading out of a story book. The other extra factor that grabbed my heart is that "happiness" and "funny" feeling they try to channel through the illustrations.The characters were always illustrated in a happy gesture, as if it pictures how they felt with the brand.

I do remember my dad getting home bringing some framed old ads. I couldn't remember where he got it because it was a pretty long time ago. From that moment, i realized that a piece of ad was highly appreciated and turns out to be a form of everlasting art. 
Ads these days tend to turn 180 degrees, where the great ads are actually the simple implicit ones. While the highly animated colorful ads with taglines that kinda sounds like "hungry? eat me!" or "use me to be pretty" ends up to be just an ad. I don't think i'll have the idea to hang them up on my walls. 
But the digital advertising era tend to also wow me. I guess it's more challenging to control technology rather than controlling your own hands. I was highly grateful that i have been "investing" some technology skills (read: photoshop skills) way before it hit me, realizing me that this skill will somehow become handy.
I try to upgrade them by learning more, from some of the experts. The more i learn, the more challenging it gets.
Nowadays, people were made to "think more". It is clearly seen in how great ads were made. The simpler and the more implicit an ad gets, the greater it is. And that drives people to think more. The complexity of an ad is not formed in its visualization anymore, but in its un-visualizedd message (that we have to figure out ourselves) and the whole process of creating the ad itself. So it's just like a treasure hunt game!

 Esprit turtle neck top // Martiga floral shorts // Dnc Hologram shoes // Hens Necklace // Vintage hat // Vintage bag

Speaking of treasure hunt, this whole old books setting reminds me of a library scene in the National Treasure movie! I really fascinate super old architectures and interiors, just like old library buildings.The dull colors combination of the books are just so... genuine. The victorian era inspired carves, the cracking sound of old wooden floor, the smell and texture of old lusty books, and the silence that deepens our minds into the books.
I don't know why i adore the atmosphere and objects of old eras so much. Perhaps because it was so different than all of these modern technologies i "eat" everyday that makes it very peculiar. That's it, peculiar.

May 11, 2014

A movie night

A 40s movie night out with the most awesome crew!

 Vintage top // Zara skirt // Celine Vintage bag // Nine West shoes

 Let me introduce you, the creative team of Pekan Komunikasi 2014! The hands and brains behind all of the visual creativity

May 01, 2014

Shabuya Shibuya

I love it how imaginations let me discover the world, let me have thrilling adventures.
So this time, my imaginations let me have a stroll to Shibuya!

Topshop baroque pants // Unbranded top // Picnic gold cape // DnC hologram shoes // Hens necklace



Where should we go next?

April 13, 2014

A Paralyzed Universe

Humans seek for beauty, humans seek for happiness. 
Either for a glance or for eternity. 
There was never a parameter on how people define it, on how people reach it.
In fact fact, it can never be calculated.
Math has no power. Science has no power. 
A piece of bread could be so meaningful to some certain ones, while it has no meaning at all to the others. Meaningful because of its true value, or because of an implicit story from the process of earning it.

Ones might even find a form of happiness on its way of reaching happiness itself.
Either it was realized or probably not.

Ones may face severe struggles but defeated it just so they can reach their very own defined form of happiness.
The journey was never formed in a linear pattern. Sometimes, you meet holes. You'll never know what's under it, either something bad or that happiness you seek. You just gotta take the chance, and jump.

It's always good to feel some adrenaline,  to experience some adventure.
What ever's on the other side, there's always something good that can be caught.
Only if, you open your eyes, your mind, and your believes.

But sometimes things might be a little tricky. What may be seen as something beautiful, might just not be as it is on the inside.
Something seemed so harmless, so small, that turned out to be something so harmful, so dangerous.
It's a caution. A sign to always see things from many sides, many perspectives.

One thing is, that you can always turn a chaos into something beautiful.
It depends, on the human itself.
We create our own reality.
We are our very own directors and actors of our own lives. We have the ability to control it, and to act it out.
So what ever's bad that happened to us, it has always been our fault. What ever's good that happened to us, it has always been our greatness. Noted, something that was controlled by our very selves.

Then it is up to us what kind of story we are willing to create. A predictable happy ending, or with a little twist at the end. ;)

Btw, this photoshoot was Sabrina's idea. All the fantasies. It was actually inspired by the famous alice in wonderland,  but it was more of a remake version with all of the changes we made.
And, this was also dedicated to Sabrina's 10th birthday today!
She wanted to do a fun shoot, so I granted it ;)

April 06, 2014

Expanding wings.

It felt like I was charmed by the speed of March. Days felt like minutes and minutes felt like a quarter of seconds.
But each second was a thrill, a mixed kind of one. But I guess that's what makes life going.
Working on projects makes life worth a living, to me. A new day means a new challenge. These challenges might be scary, but I tend to see them as something beautiful.

The further I step, the clearer I see the future. Specifically,  how I picture mine. I tend to set down the fire in my soul to things that I somehow know that "this is not it", but create fire storms to things that glowed my spirit. My unconsciousness somehow leads me to things that my heart agree without me directly realizing it. I'm in the process of exploring new things. I'm expanding my wings. I've been haunted by anxiety, but I interpret this as a good sign. A sign that I've set my goals high up to the sky. A sign that tells me that this would not be easy. A sign that might just be an origin of a spectacular being.

I might be setting on a slow mode for this blog. I've changed some perspectives of it; therefore, I want it to be more of a sharing space. My very own sharing space. A space where I share my experiences, achievements, and beautiful objects that seems nonsense. I want this blog to be a part of my journey, so I might just be posting about anything. :)

So this was a formally neat look that I pulled off for an interview a couple of days ago. I've never seen white shirts worn wrongly, so it seems that it's a perfect first choice for pulling off such a look. And the best thing is, it can be matched with almost anything! It was such a coincidence how my patterned pants camouflages with the painting at Artotel. Like they're destined to meet...

Can you guess what this is? No it's not a menu book in today's-yet-so-themed eating-places. It's my personal hand made work portfolio!
They say that a cover is the representative of the content, so it pretty much speaks out the inside :)

These are just a few from some of my ongoing projects. No they're not fashion related, but still related to my passion. I will be sharing about it when it's done.
If u realize,  I have an "Oyster" logo on the left side of this blog's sidebar. What does it present? My experiences. Why oyster? Well the shell is the world and the pearl is the goal that is meant to be reached. So I will always be sharing the results and the stories behind my special projects. if you lost track, go click on it to get a thought of how my life truly go.

Pekan Komunikasi 2014, one of the biggest communication event in Indonesia.  #pekom2014 ♡

Awesome Mary Jane hologram shoes from DnC shoes! There's somehow a futuristic adaption from the hologram on this vintage inspired shoe design. The combination shall do.
And one thing is, I never did moved on from my love of coral blue. It's just too beautiful :"

The infamous yet now famous artsy hotel! Before, I thought this was an art gallery when I passed Thamrin. But i've then realized it was a hotel... praise art.

A fellow partner to my everything ♡

An inspiring quote from an awesome movie, Divergent to close the day: "Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up" - Veronica Roth