and now they become great friends :)

I just remembered that i still have this DIY denim jacket i made around a year ago... welcome back old friend :')

Then i found my mom's black velvet top that Chanel used to have. So i thought of why not mixing it up with my old friend, the denim jacket! velvet and denim were never enemies, but i guess they were just not great friends. So let's make a little change here and make these 2 best friends :D After all , they did look great together.

Then my other friend wanted to join in! It's the striped skirt! She said she wanted to break the silence of the look by adding her dynamic stripe patterns. She successfully created this edgy grunge look :D But of course with the help of Mr. Booties! I thought it needs a little touch of cuteness so then Miss peterpan collar and Miss flower necklace stepped in . That's a wrap everyone!

 Btw, i had this little "company" who came by while i was taking these pics at my front yard.

It's a bit weird cos he was staring at me with his hypnotic eyes the whole time... THE WHOLE TIME. So this cat sat a few meters away from me then just watched me do this whole photoshoot. Is it either he thinks i'm a maniac or wanted to turn me into his lunch but sadly failed. Cat's got issues here. But when i came over him to take his picture, he slowly backed of (still with his hypnotic eyes staring at me) then ran away... DAFUQ. Btw, thanks for watching, cat. Come back next time will ya?

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Bellamoreway said...

love your DIY collar <3 who knows velvet and denim could match so well? ^^

Sausan Hanifah said...

hi sabila! you look so stylish,always adore your style. btw, your vintage denim jacket really cute, where you get the studs? tell me, ya? ;)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

gorgeous look! love your collar necklace


Evelyn Tirza said...

I love your DIY collar necklace!

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Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

love this!

Anonymous said...
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