The market that POPS!

HELLO! Got any plans next week? no? yes? Well if u don't good, but if u have.... stealing some time to go to this cool event won't bother :D

Uuuuuu wow that sounds interesting!
Wait, a pop up what??
It may not be weird if u guys are not aware of this because it is the first event dedicated to young entrepreneurs and organized by the student and Coed Undergraduate Prasetiya Mulya Business School. I've always loved events made by students. Because beside of all their busyness with school, they still have focus on making events like this. And not to mention the hard work and efforts they put in. The result is, they can make such cool and successful events! Young spirits are rising! :D

Ummm i don't think that explains enough, i still don't get it :/
Pop Up Market is a bazaar in favor of local products and young entrepreneurs, who also wants to increase the sense of belonging to society, local products and support the creativity which is owned by the young entrepreneurs in this day and age.  The bazaar will be noticeably different and unique compared to other local bazaars, because every year it will be presented with unique themes. With a unique theme, they expect this bazaar will not be just another ordinary bazaar, but can provide a shopping experience that has never been obtained by visitors in the past.

Unique themes, eh? What will the theme be anyway?
For this first POP UP MARKET, they have a unique theme which is "CARNABY STREET"