Btw, i'm having this problem with my blog. It seems that my post traffic/feedback thingy ( i don't know what it's called) is not working.Let me just show some examples

 These pictures were taken from my Bloglovin and ka Nalia Rifika's blog. I've printscreen these pics a few minutes ago a.k.a on March 11th , 11:27 PM. While my Last post was yesterday , March 10.
Buuuuut, from my Bloglovin, it shows that my last post was on February 29th which was the "Me still Gusta u,KARL" post. So this means all of the posts i made on March was never entried or whatever it is called. I think this has been going on since early March but i've just noticed this today.
 And on ka Fika's blog shows that my last post was posted a week ago... while in fact my last post was yesterday.
You see the problem? Can anyone help me with this? pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeee? :(

If u think u can help me, do
  EMAIL ME at :
or by just writing down a comment on the comment box. 
Aaaaaaaand the best part is, the one that can fix this problem will get a SURPRISE GIFT from me! :D
I'll tell u what it is over the e-mail
Gracias! :D 

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Mitha Komala said...

i had sent an email due to this! i hope you received it :D